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Memories of a Fallen Star

We are being watched. We awoke in a blood soaked room together, and we were being watched there. We escaped, only to find ourselves on a floating island, observing the end of all things unravel before us. We were being watched then, too. Across the Golden Seas we sailed, through the Gnome city of SteelGlassFireandStone, through a fractured shard of the Underdark we traveled, our every movement watched. Our passage to the Feywild was marked by a billion malevolent, hungry eyes and they nearly were the end of us.

Now, as stumble through the forests in search a reason for it all, I am left to wonder. Should we die beneath these twin suns, will that be the end? Will that finally allow us to escape the starry-eyed gaze that haunts our every step?

Somehow I doubt it. The void has been awoken.

It watches us.

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Memories of a Fallen Star WanderingWind